How to register

At The NINE Dance Academy, we pride ourselves on having excellent communication with our customers.  If you ever have a question or concern, don’t hesitate to call our studio or email us at

If you’d like to register for our full-time or part-time competitive program, fill out the online questionnaire in the “competitive” section of our website. 

If you’d like to register for our recreational program, fill out the downloadable PDF below, scan it, and email it to us.  

Get a free NINE t-shirt for class when you register for one of our programs!

Want to meet us and see our facility in person? Visit us at our studio. We’re always thrilled to welcome new NINERS into our family, and we’re happy to assess your child. You can count on us to give you our professional opinion on their proficiency. 

Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Warmest regards,

Nikki & Vanessa



Early registration

Early registration receives 5% off


50% off always


Receive 10% off

Pay in full

Receive an extra 5% off

*All discounts can be used together