Ages 5 - 8

august 6TH - 9TH

Student's will endure a week of training from Mini Master's Vanessa Compton and Nikki Lo. Mini dancer's will be working on flexibility, turns , jumps, progressions, acro skills and more. If you want your little one to be a standout competitor, register for this intensive today! Mandatory for all Micro Mini NINERS. Open to Minis from all Dance Academy’s. 




Ages 8+

AUG 14TH - 16TH

This is your chance to brush up on your technique before the next dance season is underway! We will be focusing on centre barre, stretching, strengthening, conditioning and progressions. Let’s find our centers for our turns, jumps, and transitions! Spots are limited. Classes will be split by age and ability!




Ages 8+

AUG 19Th - 22nd

This intensive is open to dancers everywhere. Train with the most profound teachers and choreographers in the world! This intensive will give you the complete package with classes in Jazz, Technique Progressions, Contemporary, Improv, Modern, Musical Theatre and More! Dancer's will train and grow together in a collaborative and supportive environment. If your child is longing to work with the most sought after dance teachers in the industry and become a standout this summer, this intensive is for you! Class times are based on Division , please read registration page carefully.




Ages 8+

AUG 26Th - 29th

This Intensive provides 16 hours of pure acrobatic training. Over 4 days the instructors will focus on balancing, stretching, conditioning, walkover variations and progressions, ariel work, partner tricks, and back tumbling. Our instructors have over 10 years experience in teaching and spotting acro tricks. Classes will be split based on ability to ensure each acrobat is working and learning at their level.


The Ballet Intensive

Ages 8+

AUG 17Th & 18th

The Ballet Intensive will be a 2-Day Program , 12 hours of Pure Classical Training. Classes taught by the TOP Ballet instructor's in the industry including Guest Teacher and Mentor THE Katy Spreadbury! Open to competitive students everywhere, Mini to Advanced levels offered. See you at the barre!