Led by passion, The NINE Dance Academy is a dynamic, goal-oriented, and innovative movement commited to achieving excellence. Inspired by team building and the power of camaraderie, together we strive for greatness in our efforts to carve out a new and exciting path. Through cutting edge dance training in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Modern and Improv, at 3 different intensity levels, we strive to create the next generation of highly proficient dancers, teachers and choreographers. We also strive to always provide a safe, clean, organized and well-equipped facility.



Great dancers need a space that helps them learn and grow. That’s why our four fully-equipped and renovated studios feature sprung floors, a Rosco ballet floor, a new sound system, and state-of-the art equipment. Just outside the main studios, you’ll find a modern kitchen, change rooms, lockers, and even a homework area. And if you’re just here to watch a dancer in one of our recreational classes, you’ll find yourself feeling right at home in our luxurious viewing lobby.


OUR directors

Industry leaders Nikki Loiero and Vanessa Compton are two of Toronto’s top technical dance coaches and choreographers. They’re also the energetic and enthusiastic directors behind The NINE’s success. With 12 years of experience in training dancers and choreographing award-winning routines across the GTA and North America, Nikki and Vanessa have developed a unique formula for training dancers to reach their full potential physically and mentally. 

As a pair, Nikki and Vanessa have a diverse skill set that has helped them make The NINE a successful dance academy. In addition to their extensive coaching and choreographing experience, they have an honours degree in fine arts and media studies from the University of Toronto and a diploma from the International Academy of Design. With this well-rounded expertise, Nikki and Vanessa have both the brainpower to develop and maintain a solid business model and the innovative creative direction to lead The NINE and its dancers to success year after year. Together, their leadership has made The NINE the most thriving dance studio in the GTA. It’s clear that The “NINE” is a fusion of NIkki and VaNEssa in more than one way.



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